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    Da Tang Entertainment Co. Ltd. was established in 2008. In 2016, we officially changed our name as we rebranded ourselves as the Da Tang Media & Culture Co. Ltd. Currently, we are actively preparing for listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations.

    Da Tang has a clear vision in the film and television industry. With detailed planning, we aim to continue the deep roots of the TV and film industry through furthering the development of high quality content. Our future involves attracting more investors and to become a top tier Chinese television content provider within the next three years.

         The film and television production of Da Tang covers the whole array of the entertainment industry. Through multiple divisions, we have individual departments specifically dedicated for project ideas, scripts incubation, pre-production, production management, post-production, publicity, and also distribution. We have developed a very efficient team that is not only professional, but also very passionate with a youthful core. Complemented with our experienced company executives with their own individual strengths, our team is well versed to collectively tackle all objectives with effectiveness. Our company culture is very open and transparent. Through these encouraging work dynamics, our employees are able to make progress and cohesively grow together as a team.

    We are awesome!

           In August 2017, The IQIYI literature formally announced the launch of "YUNTENG Plan", emphasizes that the film and television are driven by literature as the core principle, initiates that they will open 100 units of web films, 500 units of literature copyrights in the following year. Open works are made up of original signed works and high-quality works submitted by various literary websites, and the profit model of post revenue sharing is adopted to jointly develop films and television products with outstanding producers in the industry.

          On December 15, 2017, after strict selection by IQIYI platform, YUNTENG announced the third online drama bidding for the second phase. Datang became one of the ten online drama cooperation units. The company will work deeply with IQIYI to launch the winning project, the web series "I don’t want to run". On April 19, 2018, Datang won the bidding again for the customized web series "The wine the world owes you".

          The company will not forget its original intention, insist on the concept of "doing the content in a down-to-earth manner", and we will create more and better films and television products for the friends who pay attention to the development and works of Datang.

          “I don’t want to run” is about to start up and “The wine the world owes you” has entered into the incubation phase. These two series will be exclusively broadcasted on IQIYI, PLEASE LOOK FORWARD TO IT!

    <Detective KeCheng>

    Type: Crime, Legend

    Episodes: 50

    Scriptwriter: Yang Di

    Director: Zhizhong Huang

    Main actor/actress: Zhizhong Huang, Gang Wu, Qian Li, Xiaohai Liu

    Synopsis: Chen Ke, a mad detective, was surprised to find the unexpected witnesses and evidence of the case, and finally, with the help of colleagues and friends, he caught the bad guy and the injustice between his parents has been rehabilitated.

    <Young under the sunshine>

    Type: Modern, Idol 

    Episodes: 50

    Scriptwriter: Danmei Liang

    Director: Haibo Song

    Main actor/actress: Bingyan Yuan, Mengshi Tong, Ziwen Zhang

    Synopsis: Keer Tang entered a new media company and the new boss Bin Huo was her ex-lover. At first, they had too many conflicts with each other. Meanwhile Bin’s father dead and his position was forced to replace. In the end, the misunderstandings between Keer and Bin were resolved and finally got married. 

    <Life and death rush>

    Type: War, Spy

    Episodes: 44

    Scriptwriter: Nuolin Lang

    Director: Haibo Song

    Main actor/actress: Linlin Mao, Lei Kang

    Synopsis:The detective captain Tang found the secret identity of his wife Yuan accidently. Tang and Yuan who love each other but standing in opposite sides were frenemies.  They eventually determined to fight against the dark side together and revealed the conspirators behind the scenes. 

    <The Gunman>

    Type: War, Spy

    Episodes: 36

    Scriptwriter: Haiyin Li, Nuolin Lang

    Director: Qing Zhao

    Main actor/actress: Jing Luo, Pu Miao

    Synopsis:Tang, a Chinese doctor from Germany who came back in order to take revenge for his father. On the eve of the Songhu Campaign, his family got involved and met with the sudden change. He eventually determined to unlock the dusty gun box again…    

    <Circle of friends>

    Type: Romance, Emotional

    Episodes: 56

    Director: Junren Chen

    Main actor/actress: Junxiang He, Nian Li

    Synopsis:The urban love story of three friends in a circle, they eventually achieved success and happiness after going through many difficulties and giving mutual support.  

    <Incredeble family>

    Type: Romance, Marital, Family Comedy

    Episodes: 100

    Director: Xiaohui Qi

    Main actor/actress: Gang Wang, Mingjia Yu

    Synopsis:It is a story about three families with May-December marriage, hidden marriage and unrestrained DINK couple. The newborn brought on a family revolution because of their distinct ideas.  

    <My father is Bandeng>

    Type: War, Emotional

    Episodes: 36

    Director: Wenli Huang, Jingkun Zhang

    Main actor/actress: Baoqiang Wang, Hong Tao

    Synopsis:Bandeng’s brother entrusted his daughter Red to Bandeng before dying. Xuemei, a member of Party, had an indissoluble bound with Bandeng. After a series of gratitude, resentment, separation, reunion and rebirth of his mind, he eventually found the sense of belonging by himself.

    <Beautiful Women>

    Type: Marital, Emotional

    Episodes: 28

    Director: Xin Liu

    Main actor/actress: Xiaoyi Chen, Mingqi Li

    Synopsis:Wenxin has been trying to find out the truth that who killed her father is. And she fell in love with the wrong man who were saved by her sincerity accidently. After the sudden change of Yao family, Wenxin protected the family and took revenge of evil people from the dark side. The death of her ex-husband finally came to the light.   

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